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What would be desirable stats for a primer Epitaph?



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What do you have on it right now? You might have something on there you don't need for using it as a primer, so it's hard to say what to replace.

So far as I know, primers want status chance, fire rate, and multishot. Status duration doesn't hurt, either, though it's less important. Seems best for a Riven to go for those three.

(Opinion: if, in pursuit of status rolls, your Riven rolls something like CC / CD / MS with a harmless negative, I'd strongly consider hanging onto that. Primers get most of their oomph from regular mods, so while a Riven is nice, it doesn't add a ton, all things considered. On the other hand, a CC / CD / MS roll is real good for a DPS build, if you ever change your mind, which also makes it good for sale. Your future self could find more use out of the damage or the plat potential than out of a relatively small primer boost. And it's pretty rare to nail that roll.)

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If you don't want it to be just a primer, you can do something like this to it.

Forgot the video where I sort of prime them first. 

I do have a riven for it with some crazy stats, but at the moment I'm happy with this build does all factions.

If you don't have the primed crit mods yet, here it is with normal crit mods.

Only exception is Hemorrhage that mod alone makes the world of difference.


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Thanks for the information and links Tyreaus, and Slayer, I appreciate it 🙏

I would have responded sooner but I fell asleep.

I will definitely keep that in mind when I blow some Kuva on some Riven. rolling.


I really enjoy the Epitaph not just as a primer but the weapon by itself is fun to use so if I get Crit damage, multishot,, fire rate it'll hold on to it.

Thanks again!

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