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Swapping weapon changes mouse button 3/4/5 behaviours when using xoris (might be other melee weapons heavy attack too)


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Hello, I saw in the past some reports about mouse buttons 3/4/5 not working as intended somewhere on the internet, I found this specific issue with the xoris but I imagine it's for other weapons too but I rarely use other melee heavy attack weapons.

I'm using a logitech g900 mouse, wired not in wireless mode, the logitech software is installed and active but it's not changing the profile (altho it is indeed in the automatic game mode check). On windows 10, updated all drivers, game latest version but was happening since before all the hotfixes to patch 32.

What happens is I've bound the secondary fire to mouse button 3 (scrollwheel) and mouse button 4/5 (side buttons, either side) to the melee heavy attack. 

What should happen is that my heavy melee is always mouse button 4/5 and never the secondary fire mouse button 3 indepdenently from that waepon I'm using.

How to reproduce:

  • Bind mouse button 3 to secondary fire and mouse button 5 and 4 for both the options on heavy melee.
  • You need to have equipped a main and side weapon, I usually use a tonkor and lex prime, but it seems to happen with any main/side. (tested again with daikyu/atomos for ex.)
  • Equip the xoris and go out in any mission and charge the attack while the main weapon is equipped, see that mouse button 4/5 trigger the heavy attack explosion, mouse 3 doesn't
  • Swap to your side weapon (I have F bound)
  • Throw the xoris, see that mouse button 4/5 do not trigger the explosion, but the secondary fire mouse button 3 does.
  • Switch back to primary weapon, the buttons are again swapped as above.

As you can see the settings are behaving inconsistently, I assumed the secondary fire had an use with the primary weapon but a lot of primary weapons do not have a secondary fire, so this is super confusing. Also if indeed the secondary fire would be unavailable it should still let you use mouse button 4/5 as they're not related.

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