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Fix Stuttering and Freezing


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Hello to everyone who needs help with this topic,

For a long time my game seemed to have decreased in performance or being more specific it stutters or just freezes for a short duration everytime i got in a new tileset or the game just loaded data. I looked up google and forum posts, but nobody got a clue about it and just writes that DE need to fix this, what doesnt need to be true or even possible .. so.

It seems that Warframe under DirectX12 runtime compiles the shaders as defined form the DirectX12 Interface, which can lead to extreme performance hits in game.

1. Clear your existing Shader-Cache to remove possible corruption (Win: search for disk cleanup, select OS disk, select Shader Cache and click OK)
2. Change DirectX version back to 11 in the game launcher/patcher (click on the gear symbol on the top right)
3. Enjoy your Warframe again

This doesnt need to fix it for everyone, but it helped me and might help others aswell.

HINT: After loading into a new tileset, heavy load will be generated on your CPU, but dont worry. This should go down, after the shaders got compiled and will not be needed for the next time you enter the same tileset.


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