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Grineer submersible units should really drop Archwing and Archgun mods


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Right now, the Draga and Sicula units in the diving sections of the Grineer sealab missions on Uranus do only drop a small selection of generic mods for warframes and weapons which are more easily acquired by killing other enemies.

Considering that they are in essence an Archwing enemy, that you have to use your Archwing and heavy weapons to take them out, I think it would only be fair for them to drop mods that are also relevant for that playstyle. I mean, let's face it, most people cannot really be bothered to farm Archwing missions. They aren't all that fun and they get repetitive really quick. Plus, most of the actually good mods are borderline unfarmable because they have abysmal drop chances and come from Fomorian or Razorback events that only show up once in a blue moon (not to mention that outside of the Mausolon and the Variants, actually getting an Archgun is quite a hassle because they are prohibitively expensive to make or require you to cozy up to three different syndicates at the same time).

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