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Exodia Force Zaw doesn't consistently trigger Dexterity arcanes


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Exodia Force's AoE effect doesn't trigger Dexterity arcanes

1. Equip a high status chance Zaw with Exodia Force, as well as another weapon of your choice with a Dexterity arcane.
2. Enter Simulacrum and spawn a group of enemies.
3. Kill some enemies with Exodia Force's AoE effect. IMPORTANT: make sure they die from the AoE and NOT from direct melee damage
4. Notice how your Dexterity arcane doesn't proc.

1. This bug might apply to all "On Melee Kill" effects. I haven't checked that, though.
2. I don't consider this "intended behavior" since Exodia Contagion as well as other melee weapons' gimmicks proc Dexterity just fine. Force is the only outlier to the rule.
3. This is seriously killing my vibe, I have this double kitgun + zaw setup and I can't even use it on higher level missions because my damage buffs never proc :(

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