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New syndicate


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I just had an idea for a new syndicate: the peacemakers. They are a syndicate whose main goal is to bring neutrality to all other syndicates. In order to rank up with them, you must give them tokens from the other relay syndicates, gained from the corresponding syndicate at max rank for 132000 standing. To rank up from neutral to bystander, you need to give them an arbiters of hexus token. To rank up from bystander to activist, you need to give them a steel meridian token. To rank up from activist to pacifist, you need to give them a red veil token. To rank up from pacifist to neighbor, you need to give them a cephalon suda token. To rank up from neighbor to team leader, you need a new loka token. To rank up from team leader to captain of alliance, you need a perrin sequence token. Once you reach captain of alliance, the peacemakers will give you the option to make peace between two conflicting syndicates. To do this, you select the two syndicates you want to have make peace, and then a unique alert will be obtained (i.e. if new loka and steel meridian are selected, the alert will be a defense mission where you have to defend a grineer lab while a defector from steel meridian turns an apothic from new loka into an de-cloning agent that reduces the percentage of the bodies of steel meridian's defectors from cloned flesh into natural flesh, followed by a sabotage mission where you have to help new loka destroy a grineer toxin production plant using a datamass full of kill codes from steel meridian). Once the alert is completed, the two syndicates will become neutral to one another. I know this kind of defeats the purpose of having to choose a syndicate and suffer the consequences, but it still would give players a challenge.

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Sounds kinda nice. I could see that working.
It reminds me of a concept I heard about some time ago, when the syndicates would never drop below neutral once you fulfill certain conditions.

Complete Octavia's anthem - Cephalon Suda.
Complete Chains of Harrow - Red veil.
Complete Silver grove - New loka.
Complete Glast gambit - Perrin sequence.
Kill Kella de Thaym - Steel meridian.
Complete one Arbitration mission - Arbiters of Hexis.

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I actually like this kind of idea. Ever since DE talked about the original 6 syndicates and had added them into the game I, initially, didn't feel like doing much with them. It's true that they have an interesting mechanic of them having different types of relantionships between each other (i.e. the New Loka are best buddies with the Perrin Sequence but can't stand the Steel Meridian and Cephalon Suda, Red Veil are best buddies with Steel Meridian but can't stand the Arbiters of Hexis and Cephalon Suda and so on) but the fact is that I'm just not entirely a fan of how that works.

I currently have 4 syndicates on their max rank (and I believe that the maximum you can possibly get) but the idea of having either one of their ranks lower just because I decided to support the other 2 feels, uh... I don't even know how to describe it, but I just don't like it. Especially knowing how long it takes to regain the ranks/standing for all the syndicates I want. That's pretty much the reason why I always prefered the neutral ones like the Ostrons, the Solaris United and the others. Except Conclave, I just don't like PVP in general.

So having something like that could maybe, just maybe, work better and even help making so I could rank up whatever syndicate I wanted without consequences (then again some of their death squads aren't even a big deal), especially since there're some augment mods I wouldn't mind to get (even though I still say that a lot of them should've been part of the abilities intead of being a freaking mod). Would it sort of kill the whole purpose of choosing a syndicate? Yes, but for me it would be, at least, better than what we currently have.

Not only that, it also kind of sounds weird for a guy who has, as an example, Cephalon Suda on her lowest rank (Waste), has completed the Octavia's Anthem quest a while ago and still has her throwing a bunch of easy to kill ospreys at your face from time to time like nothing happened.

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I'd like that idea.

I have 4 syndicates max ranked, and I've traded for the stuff I really need for the other 2 - but I would like to do those syndicates too, however I don't want to lose standing with their opposition.... so I'm kinda torn.

Having a way to essentially earn (through use of a huge chunk of syndicate standing) a peace treaty with each syndicate would be great!

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