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2nd Kahl Mission: Collect 5 Genestamps not completeable, left out 4/5 all the time!


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Did Kahl's new mission today 2 times and the Challenge "Collect 5 Genestamps" is not possible...
In First Mission is searched the whole Map about 1 Hour (little less maybe) and 2nd mission i searched 35min and BOTH missions ONE Genestamp is missing!"

Found a couple of "Secret Rooms" (not visible on the Map) but not the last Genestamp at all...

Maybe take a look into that (important stuff) before you do the next nerf? ;)

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There are more bodies i think. From easily missable ones that come to mind:

There is one at the very start on the left of the map up some stairs (have to pull back a little). 

There is also one on the wall shelf near the first thumper in the water (normally up to 3 threshcones spawn in there). If you stand with your back to the thumper it is the shelf on the right.

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23 hours ago, ThatOneFeller said:

but like anygame they focus on nerfs before they fix there game its frustrating

Get out of here with that spurious nonsense.

I'm not saying that there aren't long standing issues that need fixing, but generally the people that plan the game and adjust stats on things are different people than the programmers who would be fixing bugs. People whine about new skins coming out where there are bugs too. But artists are also not programmers.

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