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I do not understand something about relics



OK, I know that currently, Ivara Prime is being vaulted. However, today when I opened a Lith relic, I received an Ivara Prime blueprint. Why is that so? And I started playing last month only. Is this a glitch? I am not sure of the exact relic but I know that it is a Lith relic because I played an excavation mission on Earth. Please advise. Thanks.

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8 minutes ago, Leqesai said:

Just because something is vaulted (which isn't a thing anymore anyway) doesn't mean you can't use relics to get the components.

Vaulted means the relics no longer spawn. It doesn't get rid of relics people already have. 


OK, that means that another player has chosen the vaulted relic to equip for the mission? Because I was in a 4 member squad.

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