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Earth Miner (Nightwave) potential bug?


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I was working on the Earth Miner act. I had 5/6.
I mined an ore deposit which had multiple bonus drops (the ones obtained by hiting the smaller rectangles).
I obtained two drops: one was common ore and one was Sentirum.
The big middle of the screen showcase showed the ore and before it showed the Sentirum I jumped into an Archwing.
That interrupted the showcase, which resulted in the drop not counting towards the Nigtwave act.
I was unable to try it again, because I was lucky and found the 6th gem in next deposit.

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Just came across this same bug. Cancelling the "showcase" where the ui shows the ore/gem you mined will cause it to not count for the Nightwave act.

I also went into archwing, which was the action that cancelled the "window." This is common when a node gives more than one reward, where the first item is common, and the second is rare. I see the rare reward in the item ticker at the bottom of the screen, but go into archwing to move to the next node before the showcase gets to the rare item.

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