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Any word about improvements in the trade system with the future cross platform scenario?


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Like the tile says, any word from the developers about it?


Warframe has one of the worst trade systems that I have seen in the few multiplayer games I played in my nearly 20 years of PC gaming.


You see, I like the exploration aspects of the game, what make me, a LR1, still do the syndicate missions, stockpiling a lot of medallions that I convert in augments that I sell cheap in the warframe.market site. Selling cheap is good because you sell fast and it allow new players to have access to what they want without forcing them to buy a ton of platinum. But also, sometimes make you get overwhelmed by a lot of trade requests ate the same time, is not uncommon to have 4-8 people in queue awaiting a slot in the squad.


Right now the best option to trade is using the warframe.market site, you get access to price history and avoid scammers. But still, it's a lot of manual work to be able to trade, you need to reserve 20-30min of your time to be able to trade. With the future cross platform updates there will be a lot of new players, and with it a lot of people wanting to trade, IMO, reason good enough to justify a overhaul of the actual trade system of the game.


In this case, there are any plan or talk from the developers to make a new trade system, more automatized and secure to all?

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Automtizing it? Highly doubt it.

More secure? Probably. They didn't really talk about putting rough prices in the codex but it wasn't a real "update", more of a "what we could probably do in the future".

Hell, for now there isn't even a secure answer about the game having a crossmarket too. (And i honestly hope it will not.)

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