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Enhanced Engine causing microstuttering



Hello fellow Tenno!

Not sure this is the right section..
Im experiencing stuttering when i switch to the "Enhanced" Engine.
Most of the time it feels like its occuring when something triggers for the first time. Like switching to operator for the first time in a mission. After that it runs perfectly fine.
What makes me think its the Engine causing the problems is the fact that i can run the game on max settings with the classic engine without problems and changing them around in enhanced doesnt change anything regarding the stuttering.
Shouldnt i be able to run it like that? I can run Cyberpunk2077 for example on ultra settings with raytracing on with no problems.
I have ran a monitoring program to check if some hardware weirdly spikes but everything seems to be fine.

System: Windows 10
GPU: Geforce RTX 3060 Ti (latest drivers)
CPU: AMD RYzen 5 3600
16GB of RAM
And last Warframe is installed on a SSD.

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13 minutes ago, RecklessCarnage said:

System: Windows 10

This is why.


"Windows Trusted Installer Module" has a matching CPU occupation, at least, as the combined CPU occupation of the rest of the application & OS services list working on both background and foreground. In multi-core CPUs, it does that on all available cores...

... Do note those two words - "at least" - because, most of the times, that specific service (which is basically the OS itself, its update service and its dynamic behavioral telemetry subroutine network) usually doesn't stop by the minimum CPU occupation values, it goes all the way to 100%.

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57 minutes ago, RecklessCarnage said:

Oh allright. What can i do about that?

Nothing, other than switching to another OS that doesn't belong to Microsoft.

You can, however, change the GPU drivers and see if it works better.


nVidia isn't known, and never was, for releasing stable drivers per release. The drivers that you have installed may work nicely with some games, but present problems with other games. Usually, the solution to that problem is to downgrade the GPU drivers.


You can also change the settings in the launcher to "Let Windows decide", in the GPU Graphical settings section.

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