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PVP Arena, relatively balanced pvp.

(XBOX)Architect Prime

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It's a simple idea. An area like the red veil location on earth or maroo's place at mars. It's an arena. Players go there to do the matchmaking in a kind of relay with the match in it. It is a place where you can spectate on fights as well. You select from several basic loadouts. Start out as your operator with the chosen stock frame and gear (your cosmetics apply). You're in a gate like how it is at the beginning of horse races, but you're across from eachother. Once both operators enter the warframes, the gates open and the match begins. There are 2 energy orbs and 2 health orbs in the arena. There may be other items like ammo as well. The two players simply do battle and the winner gets some kind of reward. Leaderboard too. 

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