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(WTS)(PC) Panzer and Sly Vulpaphylas Fullly Gened (4Mutagen&4Antigen)


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  • (Picture 1) 2x Panzer imprints which are of different looks. I understand that this does not guarantee the final features of the panzer but plz make me a reasonable offer if you are interested.
  • (Picture 2) 2x Panzer imprints for 200 as shown with Plagen and Adra dominants.
  • (Picture 3) 2xPanzer imprints for 250 as shown with Plagen and Zarim dominants.
  • (Picture 4) 2xSly imprints for 450 as shown with Plagen and Zarim dominants with Panzer emissive.

Plz msg me directly in game or in discord WaZuBa#3552 




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