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PSA: Kahl’s Next Break Narmer Mission


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I love that you're changing the timers and unifying them. BUT! If you missed the first week because of the previous timers being confusing, like I did, then today's hotfix (wednesday) that was supposed to bring the newest Kahl mission, DID NOT BRING YOU ANY NEW KAHL.

I got Junk Run after the sunday rollover (which did not happen for people who didn't miss week one, as the third mission was not ready yet). So I played Junk Run this monday. So I log in today for the third Kahl mission only to find out it doesn't reset for me yet, only on sunday! WHY?! This is a golden opportunity for people who missed week one because the timers were bad, to catch up, but you didn't do it!

PLEASE run a script to get players like me who should be on mission 3 today to actually have access to mission 3 instead of having to wait 5 days for no reason and still be one week behind after all this timer moving.

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4 hours ago, Giga-Chad-Atlas said:

How about you get rid of that Tau forged RNG b*llsh*t ? If you don't have one, guess what ? You have to wait a whole week to try again , seriously no one want this.

As long as they aren't tradeable, it is just Lady Luck.

We don't really need to boosts from the shards anyway, so we need the extra boost from Tau shards even less. Of course I want a big heap of Tau shards too, but that is just me, it's not like I need them.

The best thing with the shards is not "more power", it is increased diversity. You can use the shards to free up mod space, and use that mod space for new builds (that were not relevant before). And while the Tau shards are better for this too, they are not decidedly better.

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