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Ship tilesets break immersion but i know a fix!


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Hello Devs,

First I would like to state my support for randomly generated tile sets. Randomly generted tilesets are a must stay for many reasons (replayability, scannable objects, rare tiles). 

Secondly, I would like to point out that randomly generated tilesets became IMMERSION BREAKERS recently. I am specifically talking about ship tilesets breaking immersion after the empyrean update. You have given us the option to fly around the beautifull corpus and grinner ships (Grinner Galleons are particularly beautyful) in empyrean mission. We then borad these ships. 

There has never been a single ship tile mission i have played where I did not stop and would just ponder how the tiles make absolutely 0 SENSE. Immersion is very important if you want to keep players. Immersion is the WHOLE point of games. 

I know a solution that should'nt break your backs to implement. 

Step 1: Use existing tilesets and compose the entire ship. YES, build the entire ship using existing tilesets. In the case of Galleons, resepcting the galleons length to width ratio, height and curves. If you're going to include windows (windows make no sense but whatever) make sure that what u see in the window makes sense (like a window over the curved midrift of the galleon shows the curvature not some random whatverthing). Now that the ship is built.....

Step 2: Ship tilesets are now generated by the AI closing off sections of the ship that will not be used for the mission. 

BONUS STEP: IF EVER U FEEL LIKE IT u can use your designed interior ship model to implement a sort of "open world" inside the warframe universe ships. 

I reiterate, every ship mission i am completen taken aback by the nonsensical tile flow that would never fit inside the ships. PLS no more explanations like "with VOID TECHNOLOGY ships appear smaller on the outside than they are on the inside", JUST NO. I t was bad enought when this sort of explanation was used for the landing crafts. 


I hope this will be taken seriously and be at least consider for a future update.


With respect to the whole warframe community,

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