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Arcon Intensify + Voracious Metastasis


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I wanted to Use Archon Intensify on khora, for this I put Combat Discipline aura and subsumed Voracious Metastasis instead of Venari (Yes guess why, Venari worked good, I mean… WHEN it worked, stupid cat was lost in some oblivion 50% of time, causing me to die from Combat Discipline, and it’s juat stupid, Venari has full hp , yet it nowhere on the map, pressing 3 does nothing, cycling work also from time to time, but it’s just very hard to cycle through 3 on SP missions). And what did I get? Archon Inrensify doesn’t work with Voracious Metastasis! Is it intended? If not , I would like to get it fixed if it’s intended than I’ll have even more bile and hate towards those archon mods, because not a single synergy I’m coming with on my favorite Warframes simply doesn’t work.

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