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Certus / Lohrin Brace's +crit chance bonuses are not applied to Phahd Scaffolds.


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I did some testing with a 747 amp and eternal onslaught's buff and got this resultMFVNywh.png

  • Expected behavior: A roughly even split between yellow and orange crits.
  • Observed behavior: Mostly yellow crits, some non-crits.

Between the Certus Brace and Eternal Onslaught, it should have an 151.2% effective crit chance ((54% base CC)*(1+1.8)).

If you remove the brace's bonus from that equation you get 95.2% CC ((34% base CC)*(1+1.8)), which closely aligns with the current behavior.

The arsenal shows the expected 52% base critical chance, so I'm assuming this is unintended.

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