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When you use  different builds in certan warframe .Config A&B&C  then there should be a +Wepon  like there is with specters. That you can make a build name it and then you can optionally add a wepons aswell with that frame and build .Then you dont need to go back and fourth to change wepons and stuff all the time in arsenal. Now you can add basicly any ability ,  modds, helmith ,archosns crystals, rivens, and Wepon builds would be a nice add aswell . 

Maby more AXI relics from relic packs and a top left corner minimap should be adjustable aswell.

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14 minutes ago, Clopsi said:

Then you dont need to go back and fourth to change wepons and stuff all the time in arsenal.

Let me be the first then to welcome you into the beautiful world of Loadouts :D

Click the label in the upper left in the Arsenal, you get pretty much what you're asking for,
slots in which you can save setups of Warframe + weapons, with a choice of Mod as well as Appearance Config for each.

Also you can quickly switch Loadouts in Navigation, no need to even use the Arsenal once you've set them all up to your liking.

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In loadout slots i have 20 different warframes with different builds and arcanes for different situations or playstiles. But for any warframe build i dont use just meta wepon,arcane,or build. I have to change warframe modd build and then in arsenal i need to to swap wepons aswell depending on the enemy or mission type.It would be so good When theres is  lets say Nova 3 builds /    Slow     /     Speed   /    Neutral    and under that there would be ...

                                                                                         +wepon      +wepon        +wepon

                                                                                           (rubico p.)     (Zarr)           (Phenmor)

                                                                                           (optional secandary)

                                                                                            (option melee)


DO You get the picture now or i need to use paint.Every time i chose a COOPERATIVE/LOADOUT FRAME Theres 1 set of wepons and Multiple frame modd configs. 

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IT is done perfectly when you are creating specters * /spectere**/spectre***/cosmic spectre****    that should be added to frame .As i choose modd config A(+wepon arsenal config with any created modd setups).Not just one wepon setup or make 3 duplicates on COOPERATIVE and 1 modd build in them with proper wepon setup.


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imagine that the specter is lets say  nova or any other frame. So you have Nova with speed build and you can add wepons directly to that build.When you use  Nova with speed then you need fast clearing wepons like AOE .So you dont need to change wepons all the time when you choose different build. Some people have Like % frame builds or more with different helminth and other different skills.And NOW if you could add a Arsenal loadout to to cerctan Frama  builds then you dont need to change wepon all the time  when you use  different builds.

LOOK mY SECOND POST ...AND read  from top down then you understand.


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