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Styx - Stygian Queen

(XBOX)Ivan of Jupiter

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Overview/Synopsis: Styx is a support frame designed with aspects of Nekros and Sevagoth while not eating too much of their lunch. The initial idea came to me by thinking, “what if you could control your teammates?” Then went from there. And that will be Styx’s defining feature. Being able to control her teammates when they have fully died. Let’s begin.

Passive: 100% faster revive speed. Allies revived by Styx have +50% health and armor and regenerate 10% health per second for 30 seconds. While reviving Styx enters a state of purgatory where she can no longer take damage.

Ability 1 Soul Gate: Styx tears open a portal to the Stygian Realm. Any living being near the portal has their life essence siphoned from them and given to nearby allies. Converts damage dealt into health per second. Enemies killed under the efffects of Soul Gate have a chance to be resurrected into thralls for a short duration.

Ability 2 Stygian Sacrifice: Styx sacrifices the life-force of any thrall under her control to bolster her and her allies defenses. Gives the team a Warding Halo effect based on how many were sacrificed.

Ability 3 Essence Flow: Styx’s essence flows from her like a raging river causing enemies to buckle under the pressure of a thousand souls. A channel ability that has a radial damage vulnerability. Energy drain increases per enemy under the effect.

Ability 4 Possession: Styx assumes control of a dead allies body and fights to retrieve their soul. Essentially gives Styx a Last Gasp for allies after they’ve died. Health, shields and energy are full once Styx takes over, but health decays over time. If Styx doesn’t kill enough to revive her teammate or she dies while controlling, the possession ends and she can no longer help that person. Once revived both her and the person revived receive the effect of Styx’s passive.

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