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Khal mission didn't update on this week archon reset...


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Hello there!

I'd like to inform that with the weekly archon reset this Wednesday, my Khal second weekly mission is not available for playing.


It keeps saying the next mission will be available in 2 days, when it was already saying the same countdown before the reset...

Any clues on why I don't have access to this mission or how to access it?

I already finished killing this week archon.

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10 hours ago, vonSchappler said:

if updates every monday, it should have updated then... as i said the 2nd mission is not available for me - when it should then...

When did you do the first mission? Sometime this week?

You only get one per week, and progress is specific to your account from what I understand,
you can "lag behind" if you didn't start on release and thus get different missions from those that did more weeks than you already.

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