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Xaku whisperer not procing


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1 hour ago, Boomshakalaka. said:

But it's weird that it does not proc. Anyone else having this issue? Or is a Simulacron issue?

It's procing. Not sure about Simulacrum (try unpausing enemies). Are you sure you have enough status proc? Try somehting like Nukor.

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There is Void Damage and there is Void Status, same concept as Elemental/Physical Damage and Elemental/Physical Status.

If your weapons comes with low/super low Status Chance you might not able to proc "Void Status" a.k.a Bullet Attractor/Mag's Bubble.

Yet, extra Void Damage is guarantee.

Consider further test it on high status chance's weapon.

*Note: Assumed you're saying "Xata's Whisper" ability.

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