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Wukong - Repair his Head/Neck - Animation


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Hello there! I just noticed a very bad animation on Wukong. Regardless which skin you use his head/neck animation does not look good. it looks like his head stays in place and only the neck is moving from switching from standing still to walking and back again.

Even when you just turn his head around it does not look naturally.


You can see a gif i recorded here:



Thank you!

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vor 6 Stunden schrieb (PSN)max141064:

that's a stress induced bump due to the poop storm that came with him lately. 



in all seriousness...i actualy never noticed. lol 

i played him before and never noticed it, either.


but you can clearly see it now - the problem is: if you know it is there....you can't stop looking at it....

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