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Faux Warframe Concept - Espionage, Prophunt & Masks!


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This is Faux. Master of the masks, he infiltrates enemy ranks in disguise and incites betrayal among them.

Passive - Crouch down while the reticle is on an enemy or object to disguise Faux as the target, camouflaging his silhouette while showing an animated hologram of his target.

He can crouch-walk at normal walking speed and dodge roll to move while disguised, as well as cast his abilities and interact with objects without breaking disguise. The disguise remains for 2 seconds after he stops crouching, during which he can crouch again to maintain it. Sprinting, attacking with weapons, and triggering inactivity penalty break the disguise instantly.

Confiscate - 25 energy

Throw a mask-shaped gadget that sticks to an enemy or the ground for a duration. While the gadget is deployed, any armed enemies that enter into its range are stunned briefly and have their guns fly right out of their hands to be magnetized to the gadget, only happens once per enemy per ability cast. Disarmed enemies are compelled to retrieve their guns at the gadget before they can attack again. All enemies receive Magnetic damage and status effect per second inside its range.

Doublecross - 50 energy

Briefly stun an enemy on the reticle and attach a mask to its face, inflicting a percentage of defense reduction, then Radiation damage and status effect per second. The masked enemy also emits a silencing aura that affects itself and other enemies, preventing grenade throws and Eximus ability casting. On death, the mask splits into two to attach to two other nearby enemies, inflicting them with the ability's full effects for the remaining duration. Doublecross can split again and again per death until its duration ends.

Grand Facade - 75 energy

Throw three masks out around Faux in a triangular formation, with each projecting a hologram of Faux himself that aggro enemies. Inside the triangle, when Faux receives lethal damage, instead of entering Bleedout the nearest mask breaks apart and he becomes invisible for a duration. While active, press the ability key while aiming at a hologram to teleport Faux from any distance to its location at no energy cost, breaking the mask and granting him brief invisibility. Grand Facade lasts for a duration or ends earlier if all masks break.

Masquerade - 100 energy

Conjure masks that attach to all nearby enemies' faces for a duration and stun them briefly. Masks create a bullet-attractor around their enemy's heads. Headshots against masked enemies gain a base critical damage bonus, with each normal kill stacking the crit damage bonus on all masked enemies, more stacks for headshot kills. Recast to attach masks to new enemies in range with the currently stacked headshot damage bonus.

Thanks for reading! All feedback welcome~

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