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Exploit: Catabolyst explosive bladder on reload can self-stagger and cause reload to fail, allowing throwing multiple explosive bladders


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When using the Catabolyst Secondary Weapon, if you fully deplete the weapon, it does not auto-reload, but instead waits for you to hit R or X to reload it, and throws an explosive bladder toward wherever you are aiming when you do so.

If you throw the bladder at a wall or nearby enemies point blank such that you get staggered by the explosion, the reload does not finish, and you can press reload again to throw a SECOND bladder... possibly ad-infinitum, although I've only ever been able to throw two of these. This on the surface seems to be an unintended mechanic/exploit. I'm wondering if it is related to Multishot of >1.0.

This was tested in Sanctuary Onslaught with an un-modded Chroma, and a Catabolyst with the following mod loadout: sdOTJXu.jpg

Images for the entire loadout are at: https://imgur.com/a/CwTaZOj



P.S. Can we get a bug report forum tag for Weapon/Gameplay related bugs, that are not UI and not Conclave?



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Its nothing major. The second one uses the throw and damage of a partial reload, so wont be getting much out of it vs just using it. Plus that would mean intentionally staggering yourself each time, which would also not really be worth the effort. I dont see a way of them fixing it unless they removed self-stagger on the weapon there go preventing the reload interruption. But thats likely not going to happen.

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