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Drifter Grineer Operator Cosemtics not Available on Console


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I’ve only seen a couple videos online showcasing the outfit but they were both on PC. I’ve asked them if they knew if it might’ve been limited time or needed to be unlocked in some way since it won’t show up on the store for console.


The person who has shown the video claims that it is still in the store and suggested that I should probably report it as a bug that it isn’t available to console players. 

I’m not sure if the tags matter for this exactly but was hoping someone could at least see this.

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23 minutes ago, (XBOX)Rez090 said:

have you actually looked for them while being in the operator/drifter menu, not the market console? the grineer drifter parts most certainly exist on console.

Yes, I have. Those haven’t shown up when customizing my operator either. The only Grineer cosmetic I seen was the wooden mask you buy from a Vendor on Earth.

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