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when will warframe be cross platform



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You haven't been reading your News Console have you? The cross progression road map was laid out at Tennocon:-


Baro Ki'teer was to begin the process by having his shop synced -across the board- i.e. PC would not have items separate to console or be a full two days earlier.

Phase 2 is now active which was getting all phases on Open World levels - Day/ Night on PoE, Warm/ Cold on Vallis and Vome/ Fass on Cambion to sync in addition to other timed events and Tennogen releases.

Phase 3 they're working on now which will include stress testing and actual crossplay to make sure it runs equally across the board plus the game can handle the load. They still have the issues of Region chat, will it separate so one tab for every player and one just for your particular platform of the moment. It's not easy this part.

Phase 4 then is cross-progress how exactly that'll work and accounting for say Excal Prime who only exists on the PC build or things like PS4's Obsidian cosmetics as Xbox and Switch have their own too. Of course the Platinum issue is the main concern with PC getting coupons for cheaper Plat but Console getting Tennogen and Market purchases cheaper generally.

Give them a chance they are working hard to make this happen. Exact details are on your News Console onboard your Orbiter/ Camp if not at Warframe.com under News

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