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Getting stuck in T-Pose

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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Still getting stuck in T-Pose - usually when not host, when alcolyte (or shadows of) are around.
result is can't use abilities, weapons, transference or anything.  
Can usually sort of jump, and move - but movement is restricted by some weird vacuum where I get sucked in a single direction and can end up plastered against a wall.

Only solution is to get killed - but if i get sucked into a corner of the map where the enemies don't chase me, they won't kill me.

So the last mission, i got sucked into a corner and it was a full 3 minutes before they managed to kill me during which time we ran out of life support because I couldn't kill anything or get to a capsule.

/unstuck does nothing.

if you can't fix the bug, at least fix /unstuck so fully resets your character.


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Same issue - I also thought it was the alcolytes however I realized its not.  Its transference and the problem really started with the last fixes that sped up the transfer in/out.

Its not an issue of spamming it because it can happen if you go to operator, then revive someone, then switch back - so a definitely delay.  but then you are stuck in t-pose.

and its not consistent as to how broken you are - sometimes you are tposing and totally screwed, sometimes you  can still use transference. If the latter, sometimes you can save yourself by transferring in/out until you either get totally screwed and can no longer even use transference, or it fixes itself and you're back to normal.

in any case alllowing full death and respawning fixes it - but if you are revived you're still stuck. which also means if you go down during archon hunt in this way you might as well abort.


here is an example of me reviving someone - getting t-posed, then managing to get out of it by transfer in out a few times.  note it didn't fix it on the first attempt:


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Stuck again.

Here it is again just a few missions later.  but this time i'm totally screwed - can't transference again and have to go find some enemies to kill me. (which thanks to wisp took 2+ minutes for them to finally get the job done with me just t-posed and getting pushed in one direction:



You can see that I am shoved to the left whenever i'm not actively fighting against it.  The only way to not get pushed is to jump then i can (sort of) control the direction.  but I got pushed 3 or 4 tiles before they managed to kill me and I could reset.


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