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void angel boss concept + art I have made for it.


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"Dear Tenno, in the dark halls of the Zariman Ten Zero a creature lurks, its haunting lullaby twisting the shadows to its whim. Beware the watchful eye with its deathly gaze. Its shadow humanity with their endless hunger & its song of deadly decoherence."

deep within the ship some halls sit in darkness, watched over by a solitary void angel like no other.

This angels first stage stands on four long, its torso split open like a lowered hood. Its to arms held by its side end in opening filled with eyes, when challenged the angel can send fourth beams of deadly light. reaching out from within the angels torso another can been seen peeking through the light, with its arms raised high holding aloft an eye of the void. the void eye is this forms strength and its weakness, to destroy this form one must destroy the eye while avoid its gaze as it can melt the sword steel from your frame and send your mind to madness.

a second pair of hands can bee seen reaching from the belly of this form.


The second stage emerges from the first, no longer holding onto the now damaged void eye, its legs dangle beneath it and its larges eyed arms fall bloated to its side. with its arms raise and its long fingered hands extend it projects warped spheres of light that cast deep shadows across the ground that give way to humanoid shadows, one must avoid and destroy these shadows as their touch drains energy of both body and mind. Three waves of shadows command the second stage, At each waves end the angel will release a pulse, draining those touched by shadow of a portion of their maximum vitality and energy reserves.

survive these waves of shadow and bare witness to a form emerging once more  from its torso as the second form falls limp behind it, its lower body now twisting and forming into a pulsing ruined heart projecting red light as its strains to beat, the dark hall falls away opening to a void-scape.


The third stage, the heart of the problem. The angels third torso sits upon its pulsing void heart as it is flying around the space, its right arm tethered by string of energy to its heart forms an instrument plucked with its other hand, as it plays its notes become deadly projectiles forming patterns with the music, each beat of its hard projects a wave of lethargy that should be avoided. awhile the angel is playing music it gains full damage immunity, to damage it you must strike when it takes a moment between playing or burn away its strings with your amp. 

Fight summery 
first and foremost this concept was done art first, as i am an artist, following that iv tried to keep the concept it self flavorful to spark ones imagination as im not good with numbers and such but a simple break down of the fight as i imagine it go's as follows 

stage 1 - avoid the light from the eye and avoid being shot by its "gun" arms as it moves around its arena, the light from the eye will deal large damage but is also the only thing you can shoot to damage it in this stage much like lephantis.

Stage 2 - the angel becomes stationary & floating at the edge of the arena as it summons its shadow people to attack you. this stage is based on three waves, being hit by the shadow people drains your energy and applies a stacking debuff at the end of each wave the angel sends out a pulse clearing the debuff but reducing your maximum heath and energy totals by an amount equal to the debuff stack you have.

Stage 3 - the angel is now flying sending out musical bullet hell like patterns of energy like akin to the Hyperion boss fight in returnal. with the beat of its heart would send out a panel of energy much like the orb mothers do with their shields but much smaller that if it hits you applys a timed debuff that slows you down making it hard to dodge the attacks coming at you. it will take natural pauses where you can take out a chunk of its health bar, though you can use your operator to force it to take a break by using your amp to temporarily sever the strings. how many times this would need doing would need to be decided by play testing to hopefully strike a balance between challenge of the fight and the reduction of unnecessary padding.

i also envision the game music falling away in stage 3 replaced with music that is happening in world.

also as i have talked about the boss in stages i do imagine it happening in one mission as apposed to broken into 3 missions just to be clear. 

Personality of the angel

to my imagination this angel in particular was once a very creative person engaged in the musical arts and very protective of their space.  this individual deeply desires to protect its space, which is most likely to be a theater of some kind, which would also make for a good boss arena. the theme of eyes in the first stage represent not only this individual watching over their space but also their want for an audience. its grand size and projection of light a twisted form of performance for its stage.

its second stage a memory of the people that once flooded in to hear the music play & its third stage it is baring its heart to you, playing their music for you but of course they are twisted by the void now and so to are their actions and intent despite this fragmented nature of who they once where shining through. 


possible rewards for the boss could be things like an arm cannon like the first stage has, a void eye sentinal skin, void angel theme warframe >.> (i think it would be kool but like ill leave that to some one else to draw..... maybe....) 


if you have bothered to read all this thanks for taking the time! hope you like the art and if nothing else hope this sparks your imagination.


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