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alt+shift (change keyboard layout) Windows 10 BUG


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(google translate)
how it annoys me!
I use windows 10. and when changing the layout, the screen flickers for a split second. it would seem nothing terrible, but that's the point; I don't know why, maybe because I have a Russian Japanese keyboard layout. but when changing the layout, if you do it quickly, and immediately start writing something. then the game will freeze in such a way that it will be impossible to go anywhere. nothing to write. anywhere, in any language. Not even in the steam overlay. and you can't change it back either. I have to press alt+f4 every time this happens. I'm so tired when in 10 minutes I have to exit the game 3 times. just to communicate with people and trade. I just automatically switch quickly, I quickly got used to switch and immediately write, I do not wait 1-2 seconds. because such a bug is only in the warframe. fix it please! In no other game or anywhere else, there is no such thing!

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