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Me vs different power fantasies, help me decide.


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As someone who seriously enjoys Warframe, I decided to play some games that were similar. 


So of course I decide to get destiny 2 again, and that's when it hits me "should I still use hunter, or should I try warlock?" (I haven't played much d2 and therefore i still could effectively main any of the classes with no setback.) 

Now normally this would be easy, except they both appeal to my power fantasies: 


Melee user (tons of melee abilities), cape/cloak is cool, knife, stealthy.



Magic user, less cool (but still cool) fashion- actually has a kitsune mask now, can fly, has dodge if I use dawnblade, is a healer (I love healer classes) actually fits my persona, but only has 1 melee super.

Any suggestions?

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