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Orb Vallis Bounty Bugs - Issue on mountain terrains


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1.Enemies spawn issue

2.Acolytes spawn issue

3.Cannot summon necramech


I recently play in the orb vallis and try to take bounties in the right top corner of the orb vallis map

That results some of the missions would go into the tunnels of corpus camp

like occupying resources , protecting drone ,killing certain number of enemies


1.Enemies spawn issue

When I arrived the tunnels ,the enemies would disappear (i can still see them when i am far away)

it is very easy for occupying resources.

but it is nightmare for mission that need to kill enemies

1.you can't leave that place or fail the mission

2.if you find some enemies out of the mission zone , it doesn't count in the mission(one time another bug: I can go out the mission zone and the kill still count, just one time)


2.Acolytes spawn issue

of course , i am in steel path bounty

I don't know if it is a bug. Acolytes sometimes never spawn even I completed the whole bounty


3.Cannot summon necramech

It is very common when on the mountain.

it just show can't use this right now



p.s. in Narmer bounty alert flag would call normal corpus unit and they would fight back to Narmer corpus unit

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