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Hydroid Rework


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Posts about reworks seem pretty popular lately, so I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring. I'm intentionally keeping this as short and simple as possible, DE are going to want to determine the finer details anyway. Numbers provided are merely an estimate to help show intention.


Hydroid's passive

Defeated enemies turn into water which then accumulates into a water column. The column is stationary but will reform at Hydroid’s position when Fluid Dynamics is cast. Enemies may also be knocked into the column. Energy orbs that Hydroid picks up contribute to the water column. The column drains slowly over time, granting Hydroid constantly refreshing shields and over-shields. The water column itself is invulnerable.

Allies can step into the column to be cleansed of status effects (maximum once per minute, tracked by a debuff on the character).

Hydroid's abilities consume this column of water instead of using energy. Enemies that enter the column are trapped within, floating helplessly and may be attacked normally. Unarmoured enemies begin to drown, taking percent damage over time. If/when the column dissipates (or changes location), all enemies trapped within are simply freed.


Fluid Dynamics (Cost: 25 water; Duration: 25 seconds; Range: 20 meters)

Allies have their movement speed increased. Enemies have a high chance of falling over every few seconds; While in their fallen state, they are drawn toward the water column. This effect also increases the speed of allied weapon reloads and knock down recovery. Refreshes the location of Hydroid’s Water Column.


Tsunami (Cost: 50 water; Duration: 3 seconds; Range: 10 meters)

Hydroid creates a wall of water that rushes forward, blocking all incoming weapons fire and picking up enemies in its path, before dumping them in a pile, inflicting a moderate amount of damage. Enemies so afflicted have their armour reduced by 50%. Enemies killed by this effect roll twice to check if they drop energy or healing orbs.

Allies in the path of the wave may choose to ‘ride’ the wave by jumping into it (without suffering any negative effects).


Water Hammer (Cost: 75 water; Duration: immediate; Range: 10 meters)

Hydroid creates a plate of dense water which then crashes down upon opponents, crushing them. Enemies in the area take damage and have a high chance to be knocked down. All enemies in the area gain a debuff that increases damage from electrical attacks.


Terrors of the Abyss (Cost: 100 water; Duration: 30 seconds; Range 10 meters)

Lashing tentacles appear wherever Hydroid goes (fading away as they leave his radius), damaging enemies and grow stronger with elemental damage gained from allied weapons attacks. Tentacles are invulnerable but may be targeted by enemies, damage that would be inflicted by enemies increases the damage potential of tentacle attacks.


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Cosmetics & visual effects are an area that DE likes to sort out themselves. I'm just laying out the foundations. There are many ways that a given power-set might be themed. The tentacles of Terrors of the Deep might for example be replaced with a bunch of pirates standing on sea-worn decking as part of an ephemera.

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31 minutes ago, CrownOfShadows said:

My god people really want him to be a pirate for some reason. Real question: where EXACTLY are you getting pirate from?

wikia o:


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Ahhh I see, from devstreams. I knew it wasn't from anything in-game.

Well, in that case, we should 100% get rid of all his tentacles and water and give him barrels of dynamite and scimitars instead, maybe a peg leg, a hook, and a parrot too. All this hydromancer bs in his current kit isn't true to his pirate theme.

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