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Canopy, The Plantlife Warframe


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I remember the first topic after signing up on the forums, was to post a Warframe concept with a floral theme. Coming full circle now with a more modernized kit and fresh start! Mod-affected stats are in bold.

This is Canopy. Entrusted with the reforestation of Earth, she nurtures her variety of vegetation with the fertile nourishment from her enemies' demise.

Passive - thinking of one, suggestions?

Verdant Bloom - 25 energy

Sprinkle forward a shower of seeds that sprout leaves and vines on enemies, briefly jamming weapons and stunning enemies for 3 seconds, while inflicting Toxin damage and status per second for 12 seconds. On a headshot hit or the enemy's death, force a death blossom flower to bloom on their head that increases the headshot hitbox and headshot critical multiplier by 50%, and immobilizes the target (dead or alive) with roots for 12 seconds. Bloomed living enemies are immobilized but can still attack, and any bloomed enemy/corpse will also sprout 3 roots to pull in enemies within 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 meters while seeding them with Verdant Bloom.

Carniflora - 50 energy

Grow 3 pods of carnivorous flowers on the ground around Canopy, opening up when enemies come near within 12 meters and latching a vine to entangle them in an upright posture and drag them in for digestion. Canopy can interact with a pod to pick it up and carry it along, then use the alt-fire key to throw the pod a distance away to root on a wall or the ground to set her traps.

Each Carniflora has a limited number of 5 / 6 / 8 / 10 enemies it can keep entangled at the same time. Each pod lasts 22 seconds, inflicts Corrosive damage and status per 0.5 seconds, with its damage increasing by 50% with each enemy killed while attached to the pod. Enemies killed while attached to Carniflora also have a 50% chance to drop a Health Orb, or an Empowered Health Orb on headshot kill.

Chlorophyll - 75 energy

Cause Canopy and allies' bodies to glow with bioluminescence within 25 meters lasting for 30 seconds. While active, for each second that passes, on each enemy killed, and on each orb collected, expand 5 / 8 / 9 / 10 capacity points of the affected Warframe and Companion's maximum health pool and energy pool, while also increasing ability casting speed up to 50%. Once the ability ends, excess health and energy gradually depletes over time until it reaches the ally's modded max HP/energy capacity. Can be recast to affect new allies and maintain earned capacity levels.

Overgrove - 100 energy

Grow an isolated jungle over a 25 meter radius for 30 seconds. Overgrove creates a number of vines that spread along the environment and adhere themselves to surfaces (similar to Strangledome chains), with several spread-out areas of undergrowth on the ground, each spanning 10 meters. A single magnificent tree grows at the center and extends 6 branches to the outskirts of the ability radius, acting as ziplines that Tenno can travel on. Warframes can also wall-latch onto the tree for an unlimited duration as long as it stands. Warframes can also stand freely on top of the tree trunk for a high vantage point.

Canopy and allies become camouflaged while wall-latching/standing on the tree, while on the branch ziplines, or when crouching down inside an undergrowth area hidden by its tallgrass; camouflage is pseudo-invisibility that breaks momentarily when allies attack with weapons. Camouflaged allies can be seen by enemies that come within a 5 meter radius around them. While camouflaged and unseen, a 25% / 30% / 40% / 50% Final Critical chance bonus applies to both weapons and abilities.

Canopy's other abilities persist as long as the plants/affected allies inside Overgrove's undergrowth areas. Carniflora pods can also be thrown onto the tree trunk and attach to it, persisting until Overgrove expires.


Thanks for reading, hope to see your feedback! Could also use help to come up with a fitting passive!

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