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Achievements bugged


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  • Tomb looter - I've explored 91/12 but not popped
  • Squad Goals - 80/10 but not popped
  • Strategic Development completed 68/25 not popped
  • Vallis Spelunker - 66/30 not popped
  • Race Ace - 31/22


More DE math problems.

Only ones that make sense are 

  • joyride (4/10,000) (pretty sure i've gone further than 4 meters here - in fact if you steal one, its almost impossible not to)
  • ride kdrive (7/1,000,000) (although pretty sure i've gone further than 7 meters LOL - same here just getting on one and pressing the joystick takes you more than 7 meters
  • Bug out ride 5/20
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