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Naphestra - void angel warframe + art I've made for her.


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"Tenno a void angel has been drawn to your light, it cannot return to what it once was but perhaps you can help it become something new"

so im on a bit of a void angel vibe at the moment, after drawing that void angel boss I couldn't help myself and made this, now i know any one following the lore might question how a void angel could be a warframe so lets tackle that first. To my imagination this frame would technically be a void angel that has been drawn to the tennos power, now this void angel is wanting to follow us the player, given the tennos experience taking away the pain of others, time spent in warframes and the dream like nature of void angels to me it does not feel like a massive leap that this angel could take on the properties of a warframe while at the most technical level not being one.


as for her name, first i was thinking of playing off the word manifest in refence to void angels being void manifestations, trying to make it sound warframe-y i first thought manafestra then to manaphestra and finally Naphestra. 

The gun, now given the whole angel thing i my thoughts of a void angel weapon landed on something horn like, i imagine it would project a ray that grows as you hold down the trigger with a ever deepening horn sound along. i see this as perhaps a secondary weapon within the evolving weapon system of the zaraman.


Her powers

Passive ability - "Great and terrible"

in close proximity to allies Naphestra grants a small amount of energy generation to herself and those around her. Enemies killed by Naphestra have a chance to produce a wave of fear, enemies hit by the wave run away and drop ammo as they do so.


First ability - "Antagonizing sphere"
Naphestra holds forward a red sphere in her left hand, the sphere attracts enemy aggression and absorbs incoming fire from projectiles, this ability would be a toggle that drains energy relative to the amount of currently held in the sphere, in her right hand she holds her secondary weapon, its damage boosted by the amount stored in the sphere. if you run out of energy while the sphere is still storing an amount of damage it will explode effecting enemies in close proximity with void status.


Second ability - "Possession"

Naphestra possesses the target enemy in a ghostly manner, while possessing a target it will attack the nearest enemy, it is given a damage buff and Naphestra regains health when the possessed target deals damage and energy when it takes damage. this ability will be a cost to cast ability with a duration. 


Third ability - "Void echo"

Naphestra manifests a duplicate that will repeat your actions a few seconds after you, shots it fires will deal void damage, its damage output will be tied to power strength, this ability ill be a cost to cast with a duration.


Fourth ability - "Gate of dreams"

Naphestra opens a void rift on the ground, if you or an ally gains energy awhile standing on the rift it gains power, as the rift increases in strength standing on it grants a bonus to armor at its first tier, a bonus to damage at its second and a bonus to casting speed at its third tier. Once activated by standing on the rift these bonuses stay with you and your allies diminishing in effectiveness depending on your distance from the rift. the first is a single cast ability with a duration, its duration can be extended by absorbing damage with your first ability while standing on the rift.   



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