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nearly 2-week response delays from zendesk support system could benefit from more e-mail updates


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hi! newbie and first-time poster to the forums.

i wish it could be something a bit more positive, because so far i've been enjoying the game. it hasn't been difficult to get my common beginner questions answered via search, so i'm sure i'll stop by again when i've learned all the basic stuff and need to dip into more nuance and opinions.

i've gotten very prompt service when i first needed it months ago, but a ticket i submitted the saturday before last hasn't been touched. granted, that first time was in between update cycles, whereas veilbreaker has just come to the game with prime resurgence re-surging and revenant prime launching this weekend. and maybe some other cool stuff? ;3

for anyone who's had to send in a ticket during an understandably busy time for DE. is this the expected timeline for support? i put the request in on the 17th, with an immediate acknowledgement mail of receipt, and then two subsequent auto-update apologies for delays on the 20th, then 23rd. it's the 29th now with no new mail, so i'm hoping it's still in the queue.

even another auto-update to let me know that wait times are high would be good so that i know what to expect. i only turned to the forums because i'd like to get regal aya before varzia's offerings rotate out, and i'm having payment issues that are preventing that.

i'd be curious to hear your experiences!


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Yeah Ive had an open support ticket for a bit over two weeks now and I have gotten 3 automated replies telling me I'm still in queue. I don't want to say to create another tickets because that will just increase response times but you should have gotten an auto response at least a few times.

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