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Ordis skin completely negates sentinels scan abilities


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I first noticed this with Oxylus on 9/28. I put the Ordis skin on it and went to earth to gather plants with the mods equipped. When the Sentinel would see something to scan Ordis's head would tilt at a 90 degree angle and then cease to function. No scans were taken and sometimes it wouldn't even attack. When I moved away from ANYTHING it was able to scan his head would tilt back and sit right and he would attack like normal. As soon as something to scan came in view he'd go back to the 90 degree angle head and be stuck there. I aborted mission, took off the skin, went back and Oxylus acted perfectly normal and scanned all the plants. I tested it again with Helios and it did the same thing. The Ordis Skin breaks their scanning abilities. I really want to have Ordis along for the adventure! Please fix him soon!

Thank you for your time

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