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Cross Platform Play IS LIVE!


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On 2022-10-01 at 7:16 PM, (PSN)TigerblazeDPS said:

My only worry for crossave is transferring progress from ps4 to pc since my progress on ps4 has the most progress I've played on while pc is just only for helping some friends. Should deleting pc progress a good idea?

I would wait to see what happens first


Might as well finish the PC download and catch up on what I've missed til my MR account can be resurrected 

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2 hours ago, (PSN)Okamibanshu22 said:

as nice as this is, i think i'd prefer a cross save first. i just wanna swap to xbox T_T its my primary console, but i'm worried i won't be able to make the switch. i know cross play is important too but i just wanna play warframe again lol. my ps4 is dieing, it hardly runs without lag anymore :P

You can always try installing a SSD in your PS4, it will fix your game lagging. PS4s use a 5200 RPM HDD which is extremely slow. And a 250GB or 500GB SSD are very cheap now.

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Hoping they don't allow merging accounts and make you choose one, deleting the others. Might be a hot take, I just know it'd be heavily abused as so many platinum farmers already have multiple accounts, they'd then be able to merge their multiple accounts across platforms and further dominate the market. This is how the rich get richer.

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On 2022-09-29 at 10:26 AM, Royal-Tentacle said:

Poggers. Glad to see this is being worked on. Though it's a bit sad that PS4/5 users can't participate at the current moment. My significant other is a PS5 user and we would have gladly begun testing this together but it seems we can't for now.

It'll be a miracle if you guys get to play together at all. If anything bones this cross-platform deal, it'll be Sony's stubborn and nearly absolute refusal to play well with others.

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UPDATE: Cross Platform Play Test #2 is Live
We want to repeat our thanks to those of you who were able to participate in our initial Cross Platform Play Test. Our second public Cross Platform Play test between Xbox and PC users is live. It’s possible that this test could close/end abruptly like the last one did, but we will update this thread if that occurs. We also updated our note on Trading to clarify what to expect during the test.
Please continue to report bugs and feedback to us in this thread!

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  • (XBOX)YoungGunn82 changed the title to Cross-play test is live!! Boi! Look at all the PC players! It’s glorious.

Honestly this second test is near flawless from what I'm getting! Region chat is more chaotic than ever but we love it 😂

Only issue I found was me and a friend tried to load into a mission from different platforms. He played the mission and I was still in a relay

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Long loadtimes for xbox plays on older hardwear is making it hard for them to not just time out of a mission if they go over the limit of when they can join

when linking items it says they are on an older build

When enemies or AI allies get stuck on geometry they will randomly vibrate between two places very quickly

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10 minutes ago, (XBOX)GenXer81 said:

I would do away with this immediately. It is nothing but arguing. PC people are just talking smack on xbox community. Plus trade will not be fair unless 75% off coupons apply to Plat on Xbox and Playstation as well. 

I have seen a few PC elitists, but it's generally fine for my region chat.

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Did 3 missions with crossplay, PC/Xbox mixed squads. Didn't encounter proper problems, but two small observations:

1 - the game "forced" me to be the host on every occasion, when the original host was an Xbox player (I was playing with recruited squads on Recruit Chat to open relics, and in all of them I was not the one who started to recruit, the recruiters were Xbox players). While not a major problem, I can see Xbox players not being amused at forced host migrations every time they start a new mission with a mixed squad.

2 - On one of the times, an Xbox player took like 1m45s to load into the mission after the rest of us had loaded already. Probably something to do with less performance-y Xbox versions. Not a problem per se, but I can see people not being amused loading into a mission when the capture targed had been captured already or half the Extermination had already been done.

EDIT: forgot one major observation: as a PC player I couldn't see the profile screen of Xbox players (and I imagine the same happen to them with PC players). While not a gameplay problem, it's a nice thing to have, especially when you want to see someone's fashion-frame but can't in mission due to how fast paced missions usually get.

EDIT 2: got teamed up with a high ping Xbox host, ping would alternate between ~300 and ~450ms. Had two small issues:
1 - for some reason, there were 5 people listed in the squad chat. Learned later that one of them left the squad before I entered it, but his name was still listed in the squad chat (hence my confusion).
2 - I couldn't use my On Call Crew from the Gear menu. It just wouldn't spawn. I'm not sure if the cause was the crossplay or the high ping, though.

Screenshot of edit 2:




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When you visit someone from xbox or viceversa, you can't see the decorations of the host on the orbiter, and the Dormizone

When host places an item, clients are able to see it too

Kitchen from dormizone is the only place with decorations (the ones who came with the room)

Clients Still have the invisible wall in the operator chair

(Not sure if bug or not) When Xbox invites to dormizone appears as "Free roam - Orokin"



Xbox players can't link the Console-only items, like skins

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Got matched with a couple xboners for the sortie and it worked fine.

One problem I'm having though is how xbox players use recruit chat.
They use this dumb number system that floods it with what amounts to spam with everyone matching the host number to get an invite.

It's going to be unusable when playstation and switch get added and we get 3x the number of post spam in recruit.

We need a proper party up system before crossplay goes live.

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  • [DE]Megan changed the title to Cross Platform Play IS LIVE!

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