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The Wolf becomes invincible


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In the current Kahl mission, I finally managed to complete all objectives except finding his flerf (almost 2 hours lol I had to backtrack quite a bit), and made it to the Wolf.

Sadly I was slack and didn't monitor my health, so he downed me and I was placed back at the final spawn position, with the Wolf no longer present.

When I walked forwards and the Wolf showed himself again, he was completely invulnerable from then on.

No amount of fire to any area on him had any effect, at any point in any of his animations, veil breaker did nothing, grenades did nothing, melee did nothing, ordered the homies to attack him and they could do nothing..

It just shows 0 dmg coming off him and that's it.

His top of the screen boss health bar just sat in the invulnerable state, and I was ultimately forced to abort the all but fully completed mission after trying anything I could think of to fix the issue, and being downed a bunch of times. I thought maybe if he's doing a particular animation, that provides him temporary invulnerability at the time Kahl is being respawned, the Wolf never returns to an attack-able state.

I have generated logs, but it seems there is no attach functionality here. I also have screenshots like of his invulnerable health bar: Forever Invulnerable Wolf

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