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Unable to exit tunnel after Eidolon hunt


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Every so often when playing Eidolon culls in a public squad and I am the host, when we complete the mission and all enter the tunnel, I get stuck in the tunnel and never exit out into the town. This typically happens when one of the non-host players exits out first and quickly goes to restart the Eidolon cull bounty with Konzu before the other players and lastly myself (as the host) exit out into the town. When this happens, I get stuck in the tunnel and can neither enter the town or go back out it the plains. Trying to click 'Leave Squad' in the ESC menu does nothing, and trying to click Abort Mission (either to Orbiter or Cetus) says I cannot abort since the mission is already completed. When this happens, the only way out of the situation seems to be to completely terminate the Warframe game (ALT+F4) and restart. This means I don't the the Eidolon mission rewards, which is very annoying.

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