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Does buying Prime frames with Regal Aya give the frame's glyph?



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1 hour ago, Ne0nRunner said:

Or is it only through Prime Vault/Prime Access?

Sadly as far as i know they are limited to their respective Prime Access/Vault packs, which is a pity.

Personally i would love if they were available for a hefty amount of normal Aya or sold in packs for a single Regal Aya as i dont own the Frost Prime one for him not having had a Prime Access back the day when he was first released and i also dont have Volt's as i was going through a rough financial period back when he released.

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I don't have a definite answer to your question but I do want to clarify one thing. Prime Vault is gone. 

There is only the Aya system and Prime Access now.

I would assume these are a Prime Access only thing unless they are specifically available in the aya shop.

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