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Endless Assassination Kdrive Chase Train Heist Boss


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*I Guess* Kdrives wouldn't be super necessary, a sprinting Speed Volt might be playable. But Kdrives with secondaries, boost pads, and cool tricks should be it. Plus "should be easier to balance" or whatever if it's mostly just secondaries without abilities.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l6SPcSLKcTg but would pretty much be like the Train Boss from Starfox 64, it'd be "endless" because each link of the train is each assassination target. 
The course would be procedurally generated, like the normal WF levels, using tunnels as transition areas. The mission automatically fails if you fall too far behind the train (because level has to unload the "old rooms" if its Endless, right?)

Each link of the train would be shielded and have turrets or various other defenses, semi randomized, so gotta take "different steps" to destroy each link. After destroying all the defenses gotta board the boxcar, assasinate someone or something inside (think like Railjack Galleon Captain or something) , and decouple the boxcar to capture it or something, then repeat.
Could be a Narmer train transporting something, supplies or masks or people or something, so mix of Grineer and Corpus tech because Narmer, for fun.

It'd be rad, ninjas on hoverboards doing train heists

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