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Loki the Almighty Jester [LOKI REIMAGINE CONCEPT]


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*First things first, this isn't a Rework but rather a Reimagine.
 are not meant to retain a warframe's playstyle but rather to completely overhaul their kit; but keeping their main themes which is a trickster in this case. 

[Loki Reimagine Concept]


  • Any damage on the back is a guaranteed crit.
  • For finishers, rather than a crit since it already crits; gain 130% extra crit damage instead. 


  • Spoiler
    • Place down a clone of Loki and turn invisible for 7s.
      • Your next shot while invisible will deal 300% more damage on the next shot, or melee. 
      • Shooting or normal melee strikes will immediately take Loki out of stealth, with the exception of melee finishers. 
    • If the enemy dies 2s of being hit with the damage bonus, Deceit is recast.
    • Once returning to stealth, all damage is immediately redirected to the clone, as well as aggro.
    • Only one clone can be active as the clone can deal damage and has your loadout.


[Hushed Invisibility, Savior Decoy, and Deceptive Bond are now augments of this ability]

2)Joker Card

  • Spoiler
    • Cycle between 3 deployables from Loki's box of trickery
      • Joy String
        • Set up a trip line that will immediately attach to the nearest terrain.
        • Enemies who go through the trip line will be sliced and tripped. Dealing 400 slash damage and making them bleed. Becoming 50% more subsceptible to bleed procs. [Meaning 50% slash status chance on that enemy]  
      • Playful mine
        • Leave a mine on your location that will implode the moment any enemy are 5m from it. 
        • The mine will deal 1000*(1000 per enemy level past 20) blast damage. and ragdoll them.
      • Devious Rope
        • Set down a trap that will hang all enemies that are at least 7m from the trap. Lifting them up and keeping them still.
          • Enemies who are hanged are incapacitated, meaning they are basically stunned for 12s.
        • Hanged enemies are executed when their health reaches 15% and below. 

3)Mirrored Joke

  • Spoiler
    • Blink 7m from your location. (Meaning instant teleport)
    • If an enemy is within your crosshair, switch locations with him and give that enemy your appearance.
      • All aggro will be immediately drawn to that enemy. 

[Safeguard Switch is now this ability's augment]

4)Trickster's Madness

  • Spoiler
    • Inflict all enemies with madness, making all enemies suddenly attack each other and be unable to distinguish ally from foe. 
      • Enemies inflicted with madness will gain 50% attack speed and movespeed. 
    • Any negative power strength is doubled, allowing you to turn this ability into a large AoE slow instead. 

    [Irradiating Disarm] (Now renamed and reworked)
    [Irradiating Madness]

    • Give enemies 100% chance to proc radiation on their attacks against one another when affected by Trickster's Madness.
    • Allowing for enemies to stack radiation on each other




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