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LUNARO - nightwave act


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I would just like them to have quarterly Lunaro Tournaments Events.

Basically have an event that lasts let's say one or two weeks where you get twice as many standing and drops from Lunaro Matches, and maybe have some of the Dormizone Lunaro Trophies as rewards for completing a couple simple milestones (maybe with a special glow to make them more unique (ex: Complete 5 Matches, Score 10 Goals). They could also finally add the Lunaro Ball weapon as the final reward , since that weapon was supposed to be released like three years ago but seems to have been in limbo ever since... Or just throw in any desireable incentive like an archon shard or a couple of rivens in there to have reasons to partake each time it pops back.

This would give the Lunaro fans (and everyone else) a pool of players to actually play against during a couple of weeks per year... If it lasts two weeks 4 times a year, that's 8 weeks a year where you can in theory match-make with other human beings playing the gameode...

Do the same thing for Conclave while we're at it (Give shortcuts to some of the hardest to unlock Conclave Standing Rewards... Heck conclave tournaments be even more frequent (think iron banner in destiny frequency) , like let's say six times a year, that way you guarantee some traffic in a gamemode that's essentially dead due to lack of anyone to matchake against all year round... Plus bring back the Snowball Fights, Squirt Gun Fights and so on when in the right season..

But alas, DE seems to prefer leaving it in the game with zero incentives to play , essentially unplayable all year round because the small pool of fans and people curious to try it don't have a guaranteed time where they will be able to matchmake with other people to get things done.

 Because nobody enjoys waiting 30 minutes to match with a single player who immediately leaves when the match starts...

Which reminds me... Why isn't there bots already ? At least it would make the gamemode playable when nobody else is playing it ?

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