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Mecha mod set effect is acting weird


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I've been playing with the mecha mod set(all 4 mods equipped) recently and there's 2 things that don't seem to be working.

1 sometimes when killing a marked enemy that's all that happens, the enemy dies and noone around cares, the status share doesn't trigger.
2 sometimes I'm looking around and I see 2 or more enemies that have the mark, this doesn't look like it should be possible as with all 4 set mods the mark is suppossed to be applied once every 15 seconds for 12 seconds, so if not attacked an enemy should have a mark for 12 seconds, then for 3 seconds there should be no mark at all and then an enemy gets marked again, at no point should they overlap.

What I beleive may be going on is that either:

1 the UI mark doesn't go away when the duration expires so multiple marks appear but only one is "the real one"
2 the mark is being applied faster than it should and every time it does the previous target stops working but it doesn't lose the UI mark

Either way it's really annoying having to flip a coin on which mark is the good one.

I have also posted this in the mission section of the bug forums:


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