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(SWITCH) Veilbreaker: Revenant Prime: Hotfix #12


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Archon Hunt Fixes: 

  • Fixed Narmer enemies being hostile towards the door scanners in the Corpus Gas City tileset while playing through Archon Nira’s hunt. 


  • Changed Chroma’s Toxin Elemental Ward Holster Speed increase to a Damage Buff on weapon swap. 
  • Changed Gauss’ Redline Holster Speed increase to a Cast Speed increase. 
    • With the overall buff to holster speed in Update 32, the above abilities have had their holster speed attributes replaced similarly to how the Mods were adjusted.
    • We’ll be updating the Ability descriptions in a later Hotfix/Update.  
  • Landing Craft Blueprints are no longer tradeable. 
    • Blueprints are available in the in-game Market for purchase with Credits, so there was no need for them to be tradable. 


  • Optimized activation of chat tabs that have had a lot of messages queued up. 


  • Fixed Mag's Passive (items within 8m gravitate towards Mag) reverting to 3m when playing in a squad, both as a Host and Client. As reported here
  • Fixed the Theorem Demulcent Arcane applying its weapon damage increase buff to Wisp’s Breach Surge, Baruuk’s Desolate Hands, and Ember’s Fireball. 
    • Theorem Demulcent is designed to only increase weapon damage and should not be able to affect any Warframe ability. 
  • Fixed Protea’s (thrown) Grenade Fan ignoring stat modifiers from equipped mods in various different scenarios. Notably if a grenade collides with Protea immediately on cast or while standing on Deimos Exocrine. As reported here:
  • Fixed being able to shift Lephantis’ heads around in phase 1 of its Assassination mission using Styanax’s Tharros Strike ability. 
    • This also fixes the heads re-emerging without their rubble. 
  • Fixed New Loka’s Rank 5 Sacrifice being Nezha’s Prime Chassis. 
    • It has been replaced with Nidus Prime’s Neuroptics. 
  • Fixed being unable to destroy Orokin Containers by shooting the top of it. 
  • Fixed Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos generated while wearing the Dullahan mask on your Warframe having the mask appear incorrectly on them. 
  • Fixed the search bar being active in the mission overview. 
    • This fixes typing into the search bar instead of chat being popped up when using the default binding. 
  • Fixed the left Vetala Shoulder Plate being improperly offset when using the Revenant Skin with Revenant Prime. As reported here:
  • Fixed Revenant Prime's abilities missing VFX when using TennoGen skins with default energy colors. As reported here:
  • Fixed Revenant Prime’s Noble and Agile animations causing clipping into his collar. 
  • Fixed the UI marker for the Dojo ‘Legend’ being visible while in decoration mode. 
  • Fixed the Fire Rate stat on burst weapons showing the burst delay numbers instead of Fire Rate. 
  • Fixed a map hole in the Helminth room. 
  • Fixed the “OK” button missing from the Relic pack opening screen if you get three Aya from a single pack. 
  • Fixed Chat links not working when something is typed after the Chat linked name. 
  • Fixed Archon Shard UI in the Arsenal overlapping with longer stat lists. 
  • Fixed script error when trying to use Navigation after a hotfix. 
  • Fixed script error when clicking on a node with multiple missions active on it. 
  • Fixed script error if Host migration occurs while Revenant’s Danse Macabre is active.
  • Fixed script error if you jump onto and off of Yareli’s Merulina in rapid succession.
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Changed Chroma’s Toxin Elemental Ward Holster Speed increase to a Damage Buff on weapon swap. 

Does this count as a damage buff for the purposes of Helminth restrictions? I assume not because you'd have illegal loadouts from people that already replaced Vex Armor with something like Eclipse.

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The Theorem Demulcent nerf also applies to Frost. Thanks a lot for that DE! It was really neat being able to turn his 1st ability into a Viral spreader and it was a cornerstone of my weapon buffer build.

I'm gonna take a break from this game, the Stynax nerfs, removal of other fun interactions, the total refusal to improve the Archon Shards system (the whole "feels bad" part of not getting the better Tauforged ones like ever!) and now this really annoy me and I need to play something where the developers don't attack my fun on a weekly basis >.<

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17 hours ago, [DE]Marcus said:

Fixed Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos generated while wearing the Dullahan mask on your Warframe having the mask appear incorrectly on them. 

Amazing news! Will the Dullahan still be visible after the cosmetic goes away, or will it revert to a default helmet on our Kuva Lich shoulder?

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