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      Trading Guide, FAQ, Tips, & Guidelines   31/03/16


      Players are asked to post 1 thread per auction (and/or 1 thread for your storefront and 1 thread for WTB/Looking For). If you want to re-post it 24 or more hours after the original one was posted, please notify a moderator by reporting your thread with the report button to request its deletion. Once it's been deleted you may post it again! Please do not create spam-like "bump" and "link" threads that exist solely to solicit your already existing threads.
      Creating these sorts of threads isn't condoned; bumping one's own topic has already been removed because people would bump their threads hundreds of times a day.   Solicitation/"bump" threads will be merged with your original thread or deleted, and may accrue warning points on your forum account for spamming. Please see the Forum Rules for reference: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/286054-psa-warning-points-20/ =======================================
      TENNO SAFE TRADING TIPS:  Trading with your fellow Tenno is a large part of the Warframe experience. While most players use the trading system with honest intentions, there are some players who do not. To help protect yourself from scammers, please be aware of the following: GENERAL RULE OF THUMB: Always double, triple check that you will be receiving what you and the other player decided upon. It never hurts to be extra cautious, Tenno! Please also be aware that once you have completed a trade in game we cannot reverse it, so be careful out there! Trading UI Changes: With the release of U17 on consoles, you may have noticed a few exciting changes to the Trading UI. From now on, if a player changes something you will notified instantly. You will then need to re-check to accept the changes before proceeding with the trade:
      “Platinum Glitches”: A player might offer to host a “Platinum Glitch” with the promise that it will double your Platinum. They will ask you to enter the desired amount of Platinum you wish to double in the Trade UI. Since “Platinum Glitches” do not exist, the player may complete the trade and leave with your platinum. Take extra care of checking the platinum amount before moving forward with the trade. The amount you confirm in the trading UI will be the amount you receive (even if told otherwise).  “Founders Codes”: Codes to unlock Founders' content in Warframe do not exist. Refrain from trading with players that are offering items/codes that have not been announced or made available by Digital Extremes.  “Ancient Cores” vs. “Legendary Cores”:  Unlike Legendary Cores, Ancient Cores do NOT have the ability to maximize the rank of a mod. Keep this in mind as players will attempt to trade “Ancient Cores” as “Legendary.” For reference:
      Additionally, please take extra care of players attempting to trade regular Fusions Cores as Legendary or otherwise. Be sure to expand the cores in the Trade UI to read their description.
        Non-Warframe Item Trading: Trading in-game items for non-game items (including cash) is a violation of the Terms of Use/EULA, and can lead to your account being banned. If the items can't be traded within the Trade UI, it is not a supported trade. 
        Kubrow Trading: Please be aware that it is possible to check the breed and visual qualities of a Kubrow imprint you are receiving by selecting the "VIEW OFFERED IMPRINTS" option in the trade menu. Always be sure to check the imprint you are receiving in a trade is the correct one before completing the trade!  The various icons and the associated Kubrow types are listed in the spoilers below:  Kavat Trading: Please be aware that it is possible to check the breed and visual qualities of a Kavat imprint you are receiving by selecting the "VIEW OFFERED IMPRINTS" option in the trade menu. Always be sure to check the imprint you are receiving in a trade is the correct one before completing the trade! The various icons and the associated Kavat types are listed in the spoilers below: If you run into any of the above please contact support with details and screenshots of the incident.  =======================================

      What can we trade?
      1) MODS. All Mods (Warframe, Weapon, Companion, Augment, etc.) in your inventory are eligible for trade including Legendary Cores. There is no Rarity restriction (you can trade a Rare for an Uncommon). Mods that you have equipped on items will display a blue icon on the bottom right corner of the Mod. These are eligible for trade as well, but you will be notified that the mod will be taken off the equipped item(s).  2) RIVEN MODS.  Veiled and Unveiled Riven mods can be traded. Players cannot receive a traded Riven if they are already at their maximum Riven capacity.
      3) VOID RELICS. All Relics can be traded. 
      4) PRIME PARTS/BLUEPRINTS. All Prime Parts( Barrel, Stock, Handle, Receiver, Grip, Lower/Upper Limb, String, Disc, Blade, Gauntlet, Link) and Prime Blueprints (Chassis, Neuroptics, Systems) are available for Trade. Only prime parts that drop as parts can be traded, prime parts that are crafted from blueprints cannot.
      5) ANTITOXIN. All Antitoxins from the Cicero Crisis Event/ Earth can be traded. (Topaz, Vermillion, Cirtine, Beryl, Amethyst, Lapis)
      6) PLATINUM. Only Platinum that you have purchased will be eligible for trade. There is no minimum/maximum amount of Platinum you can trade. Your starting 50 Platinum cannot be traded, and moving forward, any Platinum you are rewarded (contests/livestreams, promotions, etc) will not be eligible for trade. Platinum that you obtain through trading is considered "purchased".
      7) ARCANE HELMETS. Since the helmets with alternative stats are no longer obtainable through missions/market, they are tradeable.
      8) KUBROW AND KAVAT IMPRINTS. All Kubrow (with the exception of the Helminth Charger as you cannot create imprints from it) and Kavat Imprints can be traded. 
      9) FOCUS LENSES. Base Focus Lenses from any of the 5 Focus Schools (Naramon, Madurai, Zenurik, Unairu, and Vazarin) are tradeable. However, Greater Lenses cannot be traded. 10) KEYS. All Orokin Derelict Keys can be traded. Clan Keys cannot be traded. 11) QUEST BLUEPRINT. The Sands of Inaros Quest Blueprint can be traded. 
      12) TRIAL BLUEPRINTS. The Law of Retribution and The Jordas Verdict Blueprints can be traded.  13) AYATAN. Ayatan Treasures (including those with filled Ayatan Star slots) can be traded. Ayatan Amber and Cyan Stars are also eligible for trade.  14) SYNDICATE WEAPONS. Syndicate Weapons (Vaykor, Telos, Synoid, Secura, Rakta, and Sancti) can be traded. 
      How do I build the Trading Post? 
      You are able to place the Trading Post as a decoration in the Dojo.

      1) Hit "Escape" in the Dojo to open up the main menu. 
      2) Click on "Decorations"  and "Place Decorations" to go into Decoration mode.  3) Hit "1" to bring up your Decorations and select "Trading Post" from the list. 
      4) If you meet the build requirements click on "Build Decoration" to place it.  5) Wait for Trading Post to be done building or rush with Platinum.

      How do I invite my friend to Trade with me if they're not in my clan?
      Friends that you wish to trade with do not need to be in your clan. Simply invite him/her to your Dojo via Friends List.

      Does a person need to be on my friends list to trade with? Or can it be a random person from recruiting using /invite? 
      The person you are trading with does not need to be on your friends list. You can trade with anyone that is in the Dojo with you, regardless of how they entered the Dojo.

      Can I talk to the person whom I’m trading with?
      Yes, there is a private chat window for the person you are directly trading with.

      Can I cancel the Trade at any time?
      Yes, you can press ESC to cancel the trade and exit the Trade screen.

      What if my game crashes in the middle of a trade?
      If your game crashes in the middle of a trade the other player will be notified that you have left. They will then have the option to cancel the trade, or resume it when you come back.

      What is Trading Tax?
      Trading Tax is a Credit fee applied to all items you receive in a trade.Trading Tax is based off the rarity of the items you will receive. The rarer an item is, the more you must pay in Trading Tax. The Trading Tax each player must pay appears below the player's profile image on the Trade screen, and will update as the items in the trade change.

      How many times can I trade [per] day?
      The number of trades that you may complete in a day is based on your mastery rank (with a daily bonus of +2 for Founders). Your trades remaining will be “topped up” at the same time your revives are refilled each day.
      -You must have a mastery rank of 2 or higher in order to trade.

      *Can I trade for items or services not listed in the Trade interface?
      No, trading is restricted to what is listed in the trading UI. Players trading for items or services not listed in the trading interface face removal of trading privilege, account suspension or permanent banning.

      *Can I create contests with giveaway prizes that are awarded via Trading?
      Yes - but DE holds no responsibility if the reward is not given. As long as the contest is appropriate and kept within the game there is no problem.

      *What is Clan Trading Tax?
      The Clan Trading Tax is an additional tax that is optionally set by a clan. It is calculated as a percentage of the normal Trading Tax. When a trade is completed, the credits from the Clan Trading Tax will go in the hosting clan's Vault.

      *How do I set the Clan Trading Tax?
      On the "Trading Post" screen click the "Edit Clan Tax" button, and enter a tax percentage between 0 and 100. You may change the Clan Trade Tax rate only if you have the "Treasurer" role.


      1) Approach Trading Post and press X to start the Trade.
      2) Trading Post will display all players in the Dojo that you can trade with.
      3) Select which Player you wish to trade with and click the Trade button; they will receive a message that you are requesting a trade.
      4) Once Player has accepted the invitation, the trade begins.
      5) Each player will select their items they wish to trade at the same time.
      6) By clicking on one of your 5 empty slots, you can choose between Mods, Keys, Platinum, Arcanes, Focus Lenses, Relics, Ayatan Treasures, Kubrow/Kavat Imprints, Special Weapons, or Prime Parts/Blueprints to trade. When you select an item, the recipient will receive a “Trading Tax” (Credits) based on the rarity of the item traded. Each player must have enough credits to pay their respective Trading Tax, or the items cannot be traded. Platinum can be traded by only one of the players, and in only one of the trading slots (no trading Plat for Plat). Click Offer Trade when you're finished selecting your items.
      7) Only when you accept the trade do you wait for the other player to accept or make a change. Both players must accept the current trade before it can be completed. If the other player makes a change after you have accepted the trade, you will have to accept the new trade. Alternatively you may make further changes to your offer, or cancel the trade.
      8) When the trade is accepted you will see a fancy trading animation and your Trading Tax deducted from your Credit balance!
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      Trading Post is now the primary subforum!   08/03/18

      After further monitoring activity in these subforums, we've moved Trading Post to the forefront due to its popularity. As always, we'll continue to monitor activity in these forums to make changes as necessary. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message us via the Community Inbox. 

Trading Guide/faq!

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