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Create your own Fantasy Frame!


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Implement your own Fantasy Frame in this discussion using this Format:

Frame Name: 

Shields: (Shields at Rank 30)

Health: (Health at Rank 30)

Energy: 200 (500 at Rank 30)


Passive Ability: 

1st Ability:


2nd Ability:


3rd Ability:


4th Ability:




Main Blueprint:

Chassis BP:

Systems BP:

Neuroptics BP:


Description of Frame:




Frame Name: Titanios

Shields: 350 (950 at Rank 30)

Health: 400 (1050 at Rank 30)

Armor: 500

Passive Ability: Generates potential energy on next melee weapon use

1st Ability: Heavy stomp

Drains 25 energy. Every step creates 20 Impact damage per step for all foes. Unlocked at Rank 0.

2nd Ability: Earth Heal

Drains 75 energy. Titanios heals himself and all allies to 100% health restoration within 100 meters by using the energy in the ground. Unlocked at Rank 10. 

3rd Ability: Rocket

Drains 50 energy. Titanios launches ellipsoid-shaped rocks that explode on impact on enemies. Unlocked at Rank 5

4th Ability: Heavy Finisher

Drains 100 energy. Titanios turns all enemies in to stone within 10 meters in range and jumps 50 meters into the air, and comes back down with fists made of Titanium to create a crater. Unlocked at Rank 10.


Main blueprint acquired through new quest: "The Earth Frame"--> Total cost: 50000 Credits 

Chassis BP: Can be acquired through Void Storm Missions               Total time: 72 Hours

Systems BP: Can be acquired through Void Storm Missions

Nueroptics BP: Can be acquired through Void Storm Missions


Chassis: 15000 Credits, 500 Plastids, 1 Orokin Cell, 40 Kuva, 1000 Nano Spores-> 12 hours craft time

Systems: 15000 Credits, 700 Circuits, 10 Control Modules, 50 Hexenon, 1 Biotic Filter

Nueroptics: 25000 Credits, 15 Control Modules, 5 Nitain Extract, 1000 Circuits, 20 Heart Noctrul

Orokin Cell: 3


Emerge from the depths of the ground as Titanios, the next Earth-Bound frame after Atlas. Heal your Allies. Decimate your Foes. All with Titanios.





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Cool concept, fun to think about. Though we already have "Titania", which sounds pretty similar, so maybe it could be named something different? Also I think it's base stats are just way too high :p

Here's mine: I'll include gender too.


Frame Name: Avyssos

Gender: Male

Shields: 150 (400 at Rank 30)

Health: 150 (400 at Rank 30)

Energy: 100 (250 at Rank 30)

Armor: 200

Description: Bound to the void, Avyssos was created to master many mysteries of it.

Passive Ability: 2 extra revives. Revives don't cost affinity. Grants buffs to all allies when they revive Avyssos: +25% Health, Shields, Armor, Energy, +50% resource drop chance, affinity, and damage. Duration - 60s.

1st Ability: Siphonize

Drains 25 energy. Only works when pointed at enemy. Siphons the void energy out of enemy, leeching it's health to become invulnerable to all damage. Each enemy siphoned gives you 1 second of immortality. 500 blast damage to enemy on each use. Immunity to damage is stackable.

2nd Ability: Void Rupture

Drains 50 energy. Bursts void beams to the ground from his hands. The void energy into the ground then breaks out above, bursting the void volcanoes out of the ground and creating a damaging area of 10m radius. Enemies who walk over the ruptured area, receive 500 blast damage per second. Maximum duration - 20s.

3rd Ability: Halter

Drains 75 energy. All enemies in 75m radius get inflicted with void energy, making them unconscious and starting to replicate Avyssos' moves. Other enemies not affected with this ability, will fire at affected enemies. Affected enemies will replicate Avyssos' weapon attacks, melee, firearm, bow, etc. but they will deal 10% of Avyssos' damage. All affected enemies will point at anything Avyssos points at. (Imagine if Mirage's clones could actually shoot weapons anywhere you aimed at, but you could use MORE clones.)

4th Ability: Hyper Decay

Drains 100 energy. On first click, Avyssos starts preparing. If not clicked second time, ability gets canceled in 2 seconds and energy doesn't get consumed. On second click, the ability usage is confirmed, and Avyssos self destructs himself, bursting into massive void energy, dealing 5000 blast damage to all enemies on 200m radius. Combined with Siphonize, each second of immunity is converted to 100 blast damage (if you had 50 seconds of immunity while using Self Decay, you would deal 5000+5000=10000 blast damage to enemies in 200m radius). If Avyssos is revived by teammates after detonation, all allies gain buffs.


Avyssos means "Abyss" in Greek.

I'm pretty proud of the abilities, ngl. Maybe the stats are a bit off, but I like the ideas. I'll update about how to acquire it's parts and how to craft it later.

Edited by MirvelPirvel
Oct 20: Name changed from Boid to Avyssos; Dec 4: Added frame description.
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