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Vote on the name for the Wolf-inspired Warframe!


Vote on the name for the Wolf-inspired Warframe!   

22,862 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your vote for the name of the Wolf-inspired Warframe?

    • Raksha
    • Dynara
    • Lycath
    • Disa
    • Ylva
    • Ulfra
    • Voruna (Žvorūna)
    • Ghella
    • Fengarou
    • Nashoba

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  • Poll closed on 2022-10-28 at 03:59 AM

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44 minutes ago, (XBOX)Cruiser Abukuma said:

it's the most unoriginal one my guy..

The name is unoriginal because it fits the theme of the character???


if that’s the case then literally every warframe has an unoriginal name. Ember, Hydriod, Ash, Atlas, Nyx, Titania, Mirage, Loki, Excalibur, Mag, Volt, Revenant, Limbo, Harrow, Guass, Grendel, Nova, do you need me to go on? All these frames have names way more unoriginal than a derivative of a curse’s name.

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43 minutes ago, Phrozenflame64 said:

Lycath winning the vote just shows how simplistic the community is. "It sounds like Lycanthropy!" It sure does buddy.

I literally voted for Žvorūna instead of Ylva despite liking Ylva more just to try and push for ANYTHING other than Lycath. Like Žvorūna is a Lithuanian wolf goddess and Ylva is She-wolf in old-Swedish, there's so much more thought and flavor in that than just "Lycath! Like Lycanthropy!"

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3 minutes ago, PSYCLOO said:

Guys Vote Another Nick, NO LYCATH!! that sucks -__-

Or they should've add


Just now, JaycemeSwain said:

They are both cursed cannibals, just a different name from different tribes. Don't tell me to educate myself when you literally decided to be disrepectful and basically racist to the Navajo and other 1st Nations of America

Like the only difference between the two is which native tribe you were apart of for the curse. I swear yt kids really should do their research before claiming BIPOC folk are "spreading misinformation"

I'm surprised that nobody thought Fenris was a good name, it was that adorable giant killer wolf in thor ragnaroks name

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3 minutes ago, (PSN)Poestis said:

Then you realize its a spell caster summoner type frame who doesn't actually change to a wolf, lol.  Well after seeing other posts previously about the plans for this frame, it may not be a frame that changes like that... but I could still be surprised.

Yeah, but the frame itself is basically an anthropomorphic wolf. You can either call it a furry or a werewolf, your choice

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So I did a bit of research on what the name means:

Raksha= to Protect, guard.(Vedic)
Dynara= Dinara(?) which means Expensive
Lycath= Best I can do is Lycan, which means werewolf
Disa= an Order of flower Genus of Orchids
Ylva= She-wolf
Ulfra=  I got nothing
Voruna (Žvorūna)= Lithuanian, possibly a goddess' name
Ghella= Again, nothing.  Though it could be either Hella, like hell hound. Or Hel, also known as Hella and a few other translated names, referring to the Goddess of Death/ruler of the undeworld.
Fengarou=  Closest on a quick search resulted in Fengari(Saos) a location, with Fengari meaning Moon.
Nashoba=Choctaw name, meaning Wolf.  Gonna go with this one as it would likely be the closest to a Non-old culture references you'll get in the game.  At least for now.  And really the first reference to the 'new world' cultures(Americas, Africa, Australia, etc) and not to an 'old world' culture(Europe, Asia and Mediterranean-Africa)

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19 minutes ago, Kagami2141 said:

Well, I am more likely in general than in direct deepening, but also true. And what does your choice sound better from this list?

My preference is Žvorūna/Voruna. It's a very deep cut Eastern European name that works in two ways. First, the is derived from a word that means "beast", and secondly Žvorūna is a hunting goddess in her home culture. The one downside is that she's rather more associated with bears than wolves...

8 minutes ago, (PSN)SpiritTheOkami said:

She doesn't look werewolf in the slightest, has NO ONE at DE ever watched the Hugh Jackman Van Helsing?

First time seeing anything from Joe Madeira? The man loves anime. Battle Chasers was a love letter to all the cool stuff going on in anime back in the 90s and early 2000s, and even his more recent projects have roots there.

His wolf Warframe is super obviously inspired by the Berserker armor in Berserk.

Can't post images because I'm pretty sure any of the really cool bits would get me banned on principle lol.

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Really doesn't help that DE didn't include a guide as to what these names mean so I'm having to independently research them:

Raksha: Meaning "Protector", likely a nod to the Rakshasi of Hindu mythology, malevolent bestial demigods akin to demons (D&D typically has them be tiger-like but the mythology is non-specific about what 'beast' they are); also the name of Mowgli's wolf mother from The Jungle Book

Dynara: Possibly a spelling of Deianira, Greek for "man-destroyer"; the mother of Lycaon, a king who was turned into a wolf by Zeus after feeding his own son to the god

Lycath: Most likely derived from "lycan", as in wolf, but isn't actually a word
And because it's the only one people recognize without researching, probably the default pick for people who don't know the meanings. This is why name guides are important, DE!

Disa: Possibly derived from a feminine spirit of Fate from Norse mythology, OR a heroine from Scandinavian mythology who outwitted the god Freyr; can't really find a connection to wolves

Ylva: Old Swedish name meaning She-wolf

Ulfra: "Ulf" is Old Norse for Wolf

Žvorūna: Lithuanian goddess of forests and the hunt; the name comes from the Lithuanian word "žvėris" meaning "beast"

Ghella: From the Artsakh dialect of Armenian meaning Wolf (thanks Ayem!)

Fengarou: Possibly derived from "Fengari", modern Greek for "Moon"; allegedly a portmanteau of "Fenrir" and "Garou" (Japanese for starving wolf AND French for werewolf)

Nashoba: Choctaw Native American meaning Wolf

And for the people who wanted Fenrir or Fenris: Fenrisulfr was a male wolf, and this is a feminine frame.
Most wolves from Norse mythology were depicted as male actually, which also tosses his sons Skoll and Hati/Managarmr, or his sister's dog Garmr out the window.

Cerberus, also a male hellhound.

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3 минуты назад, (NSW)Captain сказал:

My preference is Žvorūna/Voruna. It's a very deep cut Eastern European name that works in two ways. First, the is derived from a word that means "beast", and secondly Žvorūna is a hunting goddess in her home culture. The one downside is that she's rather more associated with bears than wolves these days...

Well, from the full list it sounds noticeably better and also fits better into the general environment. And I don't quite understand how best to choose, there at least somewhere it was written that she can do, how to choose from the list more close to her general idea?

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Noooooo why are all the votes for the usual "THIS IS A WEREWOLF" naaaaames.  Everyone switch your vote to Disa, this frame will be a goddess.

If nothing else that's what I'm naming her loadout.

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Most of these names are kind of meh, of this list, i voted for Raksha cause it sounds the coolest, i guess i'd be fine with Voruna too, just hope it's not Lycath cause it's super generic, most of the other names either sound lame, don't really fit being the name of a warframe, or are hard to pronounce. Also as neat as it is i don't think voting for a name just because we don't have a frame for that letter is kind of a dumb reason, should be based on the overall name itself being a good fit, not just cause it happens to start with a certain letter.

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A shame to see the 3 most popular names are 3 of the weakest options.


Lycath sounds like someone only half remembered what the word lycanthrope was

Raksha roughly means guardian or to protect which doesn't make much sense for a wolf based frame

Voruna at least would make sense I just personally don't think it fits the frame at all but if one of the popular ones had to win this would be the most preferable


Still hoping for a comeback for some of the other choices since the poll is up for a whole week but not holding my breath. We had chance for a dope frame to have a dope name and blew it almost immediately. [insert sad trombone]

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