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Vote on the name for the Wolf-inspired Warframe!


Vote on the name for the Wolf-inspired Warframe!   

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  1. 1. What is your vote for the name of the Wolf-inspired Warframe?

    • Raksha
    • Dynara
    • Lycath
    • Disa
    • Ylva
    • Ulfra
    • Voruna (Žvorūna)
    • Ghella
    • Fengarou
    • Nashoba

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3 minutes ago, EchoEagle said:

So I did a bit of research on what the name means:

Raksha= to Protect, guard.(Vedic)
Dynara= Dinara(?) which means Expensive
Lycath= Best I can do is Lycan, which means werewolf
Disa= an Order of flower Genus of Orchids
Ylva= She-wolf
Ulfra=  I got nothing
Voruna (Žvorūna)= Lithuanian, possibly a goddess' name
Ghella= Again, nothing.  Though it could be either Hella, like hell hound. Or Hel, also known as Hella and a few other translated names, referring to the Goddess of Death/ruler of the undeworld.
Fengarou=  Closest on a quick search resulted in Fengari(Saos) a location, with Fengari meaning Moon.
Nashoba=Choctaw name, meaning Wolf.  Gonna go with this one as it would likely be the closest to a Non-old culture references you'll get in the game.  At least for now.  And really the first reference to the 'new world' cultures(Americas, Africa, Australia, etc) and not to an 'old world' culture(Europe, Asia and Mediterranean-Africa)

Ulf is a Scandinavian and German name of Old Norse origin meaning “wolf” (from Old Norse “úlfr”) they just made it feminine by adding the "ra" at the end

Žvorūna is another name for the slavic goddess Medeina or Medeinė. She is a virgin huntress of demons, goddess of wild animals, forests, and the moon and often took the form of a hunting hound or wolf.  

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16 minutes ago, SAKOTA_ATOKARY said:

What do these names mean? I can’t find much information about any of them & I’d like to choose based on more than just their sound.

Voruna is good. Derived from Lithuanian culture for "forest goddess." 

Fengaru is a play on fengari which is Greek for moon.

Also Ulfra was apparently a werewolf in ESO, lol. So skyrim/Elder Scrolls reference.


Those were my favs, so I looked them up. Just typed ">name< meaning," and things very closely came to results. Like Voruna. (My choice). 

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9 minutes ago, Redoxeon said:

I don't understand that the BIPOC person was condensing the like 5 tribes of the thousands in turtle island that find wendinopes/sk*nwalkers sacred so decided to try and gaslight them into thinking they are racist

I know you don't seem to understand it normally, so I helped you out a bit. anyways, don't pick Lycath or the native american name since we know DE wouldn't easily give the name justice

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